Free Stage Entertainment



2022 Blue Earth County Fair Entertainment

“Project dollars for some of these programs were provided

by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund,

from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment,

through partnership with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.”




Thursday, July 28th, 2022

Senior Day Entertainment under Attractions Tab - Thursday’s Events


Senior Day Schedule




The Bandanas

2 – 4 pm show scheduled on the Free Stage


Band Members—Barb Jorgensen, Bev Winzenburg and Rosie Henry

performing a “sweet sibling harmony” mixed with the classic songs

creating their own vintage sound enjoyed by all ages.

They have been performing for many years together.

They are entertaining, telling jokes and getting the crowd

involved in-between their performances of songs by

Hank Williams, The Judds, McCarter Sisters and John Denver.






MN Over 60 Band

5:00 pm show scheduled on the Free Stage

This is a non-profit band composed of 25 to 30 musicians that

range in age from 60 to 93 years and operates in Minnesota providing music

for various parades along with concerts for many towns & communities

near and far. The band was founded in 1953 and has been

inducted into the MN Music Hall of Fame in 2003.






Friday, July 29th, 2022




Pizza Eating Contest

12:30 pm competition scheduled near the Free Stage


Sponsored by Casey’s General Store in Amboy

Anyone interested in participating, please make sure to signup in the

office before the event starts on Friday.








Kids Treasure Dig

1:30 pm scheduled near the Free Stage


Any child interested in participating in the dig may show up near the

Free Stage and participate in the hunt for treasure.








Ice Cream Eating Contest

2:30 pm competition scheduled near the Free Stage


Sponsored by Coldstone Creamery of Mankato

Anyone interested in participating, please make sure to signup in the

office before the event starts on Friday.




Mini Donut Eating Contest

3:30 pm next to Don Nelson’s Mini Donut Truck


Sponsored by Don Nelson

Anyone interested in participating, please make sure to signup in the

office before the event starts on Friday.







Karl Achilles' “Escape into Magic “

2:00 & 5:00 pm shows scheduled Friday


Magician - Escape Artist, Karl Achilles, who has been performing

for over 25 years, brings his "Trunk of Tricks" and shows you the exciting,

unique history and mystery of magic in the tradition of Houdini.

This act promises something for everyone.






James Wedgwood, Ventriloquist

4:00 & 7:00 pm shows scheduled Friday


His family friendly show will delight and surprise

all ages as James blends amazing technical skill

seamlessly with quick wit and wacky wooden 

friends. It's a great opportunity to see the fascinating

art of ventriloquism up close and who knows, you may even

become part of the act!  Come see why James truly is

"Funnier Than Your Average Dummy!" 







Saturday, July 30th, 2022




Luke Smith

12:30 pm scheduled on the Free Stage


Luke is a singer-songwriter from Faribault, Minnesota. He started

playing guitar at the age of 13, and has been writing songs ever since.

He plays pop and folk music from Bob Dylan to the Beach Boys,

as well as original songs. In 2017 he was nominated

for “Best Solo Performer” by Southern Minnesota Scene.





Tanner Peterson

1:00 pm scheduled on the Free Stage


Tanner is a singer/songwriter

from Minnesota that conveys a blend of

folk/soul and acoustic rock music. His songs

are based on life experience, spirituality, and self empowerment.






Dustin Gill

1:30 pm scheduled on the Free Stage


“Dustin known professionally as

Drawn To The Sky, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist

and producer. Painted by a brilliant cascade of vibrant

colors and raw emotion, Dustin blends his childhood inspirations

of punk, 80’s rock, and hip-hop to create a new multifaceted sound.






BDE Boys

2:00 pm scheduled on the Free Stage


BDE Boys are a music group from Southern Minnesota,

including Andy Beltz, Dylan Mock, and

Ethan Gruis.








Pie Eating Contest

2:30 pm competition scheduled near the Free Stage


Sponsored by Rapidan The Dam Store

Anyone interested in participating, please make sure to signup in the

office before the event starts on Saturday.





Veterans Recognition Program

4:00 pm show scheduled on the Free Stage


Honoring our current and past Armed Forces.





Comedian DonB! 

3:00 & 7:00 pm shows scheduled on the Free Stage


DonB! is a “professional goofball”.

He mixes comedy with unicycles, juggling and the art of illusion.

DonB! is a two-time national unicycling champion who has worked

with The Variety II Review, Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus

as well as Disneyland Corporation.







Gabriel Holmes, Hypnotist

5 pm show scheduled Saturday, July 30th on the Free Stage


Gabriel's performances are unique, hilarious and very enlightening.

Gabriel has an outstanding reputation for bringing a fun, fresh and purely

entertaining approach to hypnotism while dispelling the mysterious

and degrading myths that often surround this fascinating state of mind.

Gabriel's hypnotic induction features a completely observable process

during which the audience becomes the witness to a remarkable

transformation from the conscious to a subconscious state of mind.

The performance is 60 - 75 minutes of pure enlightening fun!!!!







Amazing Hoopster

9:30 pm show scheduled near the Free Stage Area


The Amazing Hoopsters, a family of six from Hutchinson

performed spectacular hooping tricks choreographed to an artistic

hoop dance performance. These hooping performers Rachael, Tyler, and

Kristina Osmonson, started basic hooping at the age of 4, while honing

their skills throughout the years of practice. Advancing their ability to effortlessly

maneuver the multiple hoops throughout their bodies and fluently shifting the

hoops into a variety of designs. They produced a night show that was illuminating

with lighted hoops and a fire performance that mesmerized the spectators.





Sunday, July 31st, 2022




PJ’s Magic Fun Show

1:00 pm shows scheduled


Magician Paul Johnson (“PJ”) has been entertaining

the young and the “young at heart” for over twenty years.

He is a comic magician who performs professionally throughout

the Midwest, delighting audiences of all sizes and venues.

Great Family Entertainment. A world of imagination and

astonishment! You won’t believe your eyes!





Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Show


1:30 pm shows scheduled


Come and experience Minnesota's premier reptile destination.

Marvel at the amazing creatures of the reptile and

amphibian world including snakes, lizards,

crocodilians, toads, frogs and salamanders. Our zoo is home

to over 150 kinds of animals from all over the world.










Blue Earth County Free Fair

July 20th — 23rd, 2023