Interested in Serving on the Board Of Directors?

Interested individuals wishing to serving on the Blue Earth County Fair Association Board of Directors or one of their committees, may download the New Board Member Packet and fill out the application. When finished you may email your application back or mail your paperwork to: Blue Earth County Fair Association, Attn: The Nomination Committee to  PO Box 111 Mankato, MN 56002-0111. Our email address is, be sure to put in the subject line Nomination Committee. If you have any questions, you may email your questions to the above email.

New Board Member Packet (Application)

New Committee Member Packet (Application)




Executive Officers

President Robin Tietz—

Vice President  Dennis Urban

Secretary Liz Madsen—

Treasurer  Brady Smith


Board of Directors

Jerry O'Meara

Rich Harding

Nicole Doyen—

Sharlie Hansen—

Kim Youngerberg—

Jennifer Ware—

Rodney Blanck—

Bob Shelton—

Courtney Hansen

Karl (Doc) Lisowski

Jennifer Beinke Shelton


Board/Committee Members

Micheala Urban

Paige Sahr

Timothy Madsen

William Ware

Craig Dumdei

Jeremy Geifer

Susan Geifer


Fair Superintendents

Open Class Coordinator—Kim Youngerberg

Open Class  @

4-H Livestock---Sharlie Hansen

Poultry—Owen Dickey

Flowers— Renee Gleitz

Grain, Vegetables & Fruits— Dawn Clobes

Food Preservation—Grace Schreyer

Culinary—Michelle Beier

Homemaking—Ann Richardson

Fine Arts—LCWM Senior Honor Society


Other Contacts

Entertainment—Dennis Urban

Premium Book Advertising—Dennis Urban/Robin Tietz/Liz Madsen

Commerical Exhibits—Jennifer Ware

Food Vendors—Jennifer Ware

Announcing/Sound Systems—Jerry O'Meara

Ag Education Building—Jennifer Ware

Senior Day—Micheala Urban

Kids Day Activities—Nicole Doyen

Sponsorship—Robin Tietz/Liz Madsen

ATV Barrel Racing—Rich Harding

Compact Car Races—Rodney Blanck

Demo Derby—Rodney Blanck

Beer Gardens—Rich Harding

Open Class—Kim Youngerberg

Premium Book/Graphic Design—Liz Madsen

Social Media—Sharlie Hansen and Micheala Urban

Marketing/PR—Robin Tietz and Sharlie Hansen

Volunteering—Liz Madsen

Grounds/Maintenance—Rodney Blanck, Rich Harding

Bob Shelton and Karl (Doc) Lisowski

Tech Support—Timothy Madsen


Website—Send an email to


Camping — Send and email to




Blue Earth County Free Fair

July 25th — 28th, 2019